Mobile Money Is The Fastest Way To Shop
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Mobile Money Is The Fastest Way To Shop

Generate a "tornado of new business" with your cell phone and processing apps. Wireless credit and debit card processing is quickly changing the way we do business. Utilizing wireless credit card processing organizations and small business owners can sell their services and products anywhere: freeing their dependence on a landline to process consumer transactions.
Wireless credit card processing, also known as mobile money, mobile processing or m-commerce, is the fastest way to transfer funds. Innovative wireless technology is rapidly advancing. Marketing researchers predict that soon we will complete purchases with just the wave of our cell phone or mobile device. Lacking the ability to accept credit cards, small business owners and mobile vendors œmiss-out and lose sales. reports, The world today has become one that is increasingly driven by technology and convenience. Consumers want to have as many options as possible when it comes to paying for the products they purchase, especially options involving credit cards. Credit cards are the most used payment method around the world for both online and offline businesses. This means that if you are not already accepting credit card payments, you are way behind the times and are in danger of being left behind for good. You are also cheating yourself out of major profits by not making your business accessible to a younger crowd who is more in tune with technology and convenience than older groups of consumers. Utilizing wireless credit card processing organizations and small business owners can sell their services and products anywhere: freeing their dependence on a landline to process consumer transactions. Examples of mobile vendors include: Home Service Repair Contractors Artists And Craft Vendors Massage Therapists Charities Landscapers Home Delivery Service Companies Festivals and Fair Vendors Antique Dealers Trade Shows Flea Markets Gun Dealers M-commerce converts most any situation into a sales opportunity: whether you are traveling, on the job site, on the golf course, at a trade show, at a customers place of business or having dinner with a client wireless money transfers can be conducted anywhere with wireless phone access. Intuit, a driving force in credit card processing advises, Never miss a sale with easy credit card processing your way. Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express: free mobile card reader and low rates. Intuit provides no contract or cancellation charges which allows clients to try the service risk free. in an article discussing the various different methods of processing credit card transactions for non-profits, charities and public libraries reports, An alternative to portable credit card terminals, smartphones, or other mobile devices like iPads can now process transactions over 3G or wireless connections. They do this by either manually entering card numbers or with inexpensive additional hardware swiping cards directly. This functionality can be provided through a vendor, like Square or you can download a card reader app for free or at a low-cost. This method has the advantage of portability, as you can process transactions anywhere you have phone reception, and requires less hardware to purchase provided you already have a smartphone or other mobile device. Vendors will often include a processing method, factored into the cost of the product, while the apps will work with online processing services like There are security issues to consider, though. Does the app you're using encrypt the numbers for protection? When a card is swiped, does it show the full number, or just the last four digits? Are the credit card numbers actually stored on your device? They shouldn't be. Remember, too, that if you plan to leave your device somewhere, like a storefront, that they are much easier for a thief to steal than a credit card terminal, and a more attractive target. TechSoup offers discounted mobile payment processing services and equipment for nonprofits, public libraries and charities through its program PayAnywhere. Mobile Services are also available as part of Techsoups program with Dharma Merchant Services and Sage. EMS+ stresses the simplicity and security of processing mobile sales advising customers, EMS+ is Electronic Merchant Systems latest solution for the mobile merchant. World-class support is just a phone call away. Partner with a payment industry leader for smooth, secure and cost-effective credit card processing. Just download the EMS+ app, plug in the mobile swiper and you can start taking credit card transactions on your mobile phone. Available for Android, iPhone/iPad and tablets too! EMS+ provides real-time processing in seconds anywhere you have a cellular connection. Rest easy knowing that every transaction is secure and takes place in real-time over any 3G/4G wireless network! Be confident with Electronic Merchant Systems' superior service and customer support for all your installation, training, and future needs. Mobile credit and debit card processing allows the EMS+ system user to: + Use your existing phone & provider + Email receipts to your customers + POS Custom Product Inventory + Easily Capture a Tip + Web-based Access Included + Optional Bluetooth printer swiper M-commerce payment options are available for all types of businesses, large and small. The small businessman can opt for a plan that allows for accepting credit cards online without a long contract or excessive terminal fee. Plans offered by the majority of providers accommodate any type of business and are scalable to expand as the business prospers. Flagship Merchant Services provides clients no risk, no contract and competitive transaction fees as well as a free mobile reader. Square Inc. offers businesses of all sizes a simple, fixed price for mobile credit card processing: 2.75 percent per swipe or a fixed fee of $275 per month. Businesses know exactly what they are paying for with no hidden fees. Magic Pay guarantees business owners a rate of 2.70 percent per swipe, a free card reader, no risk and no contract. In addition, Magic Pay offers processing for merchants with offshore accounts. Best Mobile Credit Card Processing presents no monthly fees, a low 2.69 percent swipe rate and no PCI fee or set-up fee. the best company to process their sales, merchants are presented with a diverse array of options. Previous players and a host of new contenders are entering the credit card processing market presenting a broad assortment of plans, fees, options, perks and innovative services. In the market place, increased completion is a good thing. As new financial service companies enter the mobile credit card processing market, marketing research studies indicate an increase in services and a reduction in fees. A leader in the development of Internet technology since its inception, Tej Kohli founded Grafix Software, a privately held company in 1990 to offer turnkey solutions to E-Commerce challenges. Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, Grafix Software is known around the world for its technology and payment gateway services. A leader in Internet technology since its inception, Tej Kohli founded Grafix Software, a privately held company in 1990 to offer turnkey solutions to E-Commerce challenges. Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, Grafix Software is known around the world for its diverse range of services including campaign management, search engine optimization, creative web design and more. Addressing the rapidly developing technology of mobile money, Tej Kohli stated, Developers of mobile telephony and payment applications are coming together to change the way that goods and services are paid for. We have already seen huge successes in Kenya, South Africa and India with regard to these types of schemes. New collaborative approaches are being launched in established markets in the US that effectively turn phones into credit cards. This is real disruptive technology, changing the way that people think about established processes, and at the same time bringing a whole new group of customers and prospects into the market. The new ideas and demands that come with them will continue that process of disruption and change. What is more is that collaboration is going to be global. Countries that used to be referred to as emerging markets have now arrived. Other developing economies are taking their place. Old certainties about who leads the world in innovation are about to be shattered. No one can be sure where the next solution will come from, but developers in South Korea and Brazil are as likely to avail themselves of the opportunities as those in Silicon Valley. œ

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